Kensington Midwives in London


Recently I have been receiving quite a lot of enquiries on bump to baby photo shoots. And although my main line of work has always been baby photography  London, I have to admit that having a pregnancy photo session booked every now and then can be quite refreshing.

Just last week I met the lovely Kensington Midwives Mary-Rose and Annabel and although I knew they offer invaluable support to expecting mums, I was fascinated to hear them describe the extent to which they will go when looking after their clients.


Kensington Midwives,  a Private Midwifery Service.



kensington midwives in London

Baby Photography London meets Kensington Midwives


Mary-Rose Pignatelli and Annabel Athill are Private Midwives living and working in Kensington and Chelsea. They offer a private midwifery service in Central London, supporting and guiding new mothers through pregnancy and birth, whether they are within the NHS or seeing a private obstetrician.


Kensington Midwives are dedicated to making all aspects of having a baby as enjoyable and safe as possible. They realize that future mothers and fathers have concerns before, during and after delivery and they help them to prepare both physical and emotionally. Their antenatal sessions are not rushed and they see new parents grow in confidence and able to look forward to the birth of their baby.


They offer very personal care, which compliments visits to the NHS antenatal clinic. They monitor the development of the baby and the mother’s health, give information on all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth as well as refer mothers to selected therapists if needed. They help new mothers to prepare for the birth and they discuss many postnatal issues. They spend time explaining the physiology and benefits of breastfeeding, hoping that all mothers who would like to breastfeed are able to, feeling well supported and helped in a very practical way.


Kensington Midwives are with the mother and father during the birth for as long as it takes, in a supportive and reassuring role. Following their return home their private postnatal care includes ten home visits, checking both mother and her newborn are well. Their last visit is when baby is six weeks old, feeding well, sleeping well and the new family has settled into their new life together.

Kensington Midwives are based at 18 Kensington Court Place, London W8 5 BJ.

To discuss care that would suit your pregnancy call Mary-Rose and Annabel on 0207 937 3835.


To all new or expecting mums out there. Do give them a call if you need that extra support during or post pregnancy as their help can make all the difference to how you remember those early days of parenthood.


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