January 2013 tips on baby and child modelling in London

27 January 2013

Baby and Child Modelling in London

Tips and advice for London parents

I have been asked recently by a number of my clients for advice on where to start if interested in having their little one signed up with a London child modelling agency.

Baby and child modelling isn’t for everyone but if if you would like to give it a try, here are a couple of things you should consider first.

1. Do your research and make sure the agency you sign up with has a good track record and a list of reputable clients in the industry. There are far too many agencies in London who will ask for a sign up fee up front and chances are, you’ll never hear back from them.

2. Be prepared to go to various castings around London with your little one. This may involve hours of travelling and waiting for your turn once there.

3. Is your child normally quite relaxed in front of the camera? How is he or she around strangers? No matter now beautiful and cute, baby and child models also need to be easy to work with and follow directions. A baby photography session may take hours and well behaved and happy children are always preferred .

4. Character. Character in baby and kids models in London is a great asset! Think of all those baby adverts you see on a daily basis on telly and in magazines.

5. Having professional pictures of the baby or child does help but is not essential. A good selection of a couple of head shots and a clear full lenght picture is all that’s needed to start with. If you want to invest in a professional baby photography in London, make sure you are given the freedom to select the photographer you’d like to commission and whose style you like the most.

Here is a list of reputable Baby and Child Modelling agencies in London:


And finally, make sure your child enjoys it! Professional baby photography and modelling in London can be a lot of fun and a great way to build an interesting book of images of your gorgeous little munchkin.

Good luck to you all !! x

I’ll leave you with a couple of my favourite little models from baby and children photography sessions in London in the last few years.


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