“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it” – Edward Steichen


I like this quote as it holds so much truth.

I was recently asked if I thought the easy access and affordable prices of good cameras nowadays was posing a threat to professional photographers. And my answer was simple. Not really. At least I don’t see it as a threat.

Having a state of the art camera is in no way a guarantee to a fantastic result. Good photography is a lot more than just pressing the shutter. It’s about understanding light, a way of seeing,  an in depth knowledge of your equipment and all the possible options available when operating in manual.



baby photography London investment

newborn with mum


Like most services available to us, photography too can vary in cost and quality. From the high street instant photo studios and labs to exclusive custom made family and baby photography London sessions. My aim has always been to find the golden middle, where I make no compromises on quality and make sure my baby photo shoots are as individual and artistic as much as they are affordable.

Creating a beautiful selection of images from each family or newborn photo shoot takes time, patience and dedication. From the unlimited time I offer each family while I’m with them to the following day spent editing the images and creating various artworks .

My clients understand the true value of good photography and see it as an investment in their family’s memories.  A timeless photograph is a gift whose sentimental value will only increase with time. And that’s why I call it an investment.

Life in London can get very hectic and busy so make sure you put a day aside to spend in with your family, and even better, capture it by a professional family and baby photographer.

I have never heard people regret having some good pictures done of their newborn, but often hear busy mums complain they just didn’t have the time or didn’t think of it and now they wish they had a pregnancy or baby photography London session organised  when their little one was born.

black and white baby photography London

black and white baby photography London

My photo shoots are never rushed and are always personalised to meet the needs of my client. You can read feedback on my family and baby photography in London here.

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