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At home newborn photography. What's so special about it?

The answer is simple. Once your baby is born, the first weeks back home can become a blur. Sleepless nights, on demand feeding, getting used to the new routine. Of course you are keen to have some beautiful professional photographs of your precious little one but the idea of leaving the house with all the preparation and planning required to travel to a studio just seems too much. A difficult delivery or recovering from a c-section can also make the thought of leaving the house in those first couple of weeks unappealing.

That’s why many clients prefer to have their chosen London newborn baby photographer visit them at home. I will come to you with all necessary professional lighting equipment , backgrounds and props.  You can take a much deserved break while I work with our newborn model.

No need to rush, worrying you’ll miss your photo shoot appointment or look at your watch at the end of the session wondering if you’ll be back home in time for the grandparents visit. With a baby photo shoot organised in the comfort of your home, they can actually be part of the whole experience if they happen to be around!

How much space do we need? Can we still have the pictures at home if our flat is not very big?

I get asked this question a lot. And honestly, a small flat has never been an issue for me. Over the years I have visited all sorts of homes in London and I am used to adapt to pretty much any space. Newborn babies are only little and I can set up for your baby’s photo shoot in your bedroom or living room. Upon arrival, I will ask you to show me around your home and depending on available light I will choose the most suitable area.

There is not too much daylight in our home. Is that a problem?

I shoot a combination of daylight and studio lit photography. A bright sunny day in London can never be guaranteed, especially in winter months. I always have with me reliable professional studio lights and that is all that’s needed to create gorgeous portraits. Should a beautiful daylight be available on the day, then of course we will make it part of your photo shoot as well.

What is the best time to have a London newborn baby photo shoot?

It’s best to get in touch and book your newborn baby photography at home while you’re still expecting, ideally in your second or third trimester. I will then pencil you in my diary and keep a slot available for you around your due date.

All details will then be confirmed once the baby arrives and ideally the session will take place in the first 6 to 12 days. This is when newborns are at their sleepiest and tiniest and still have that unique newborn curl typical for babies in the first couple of weeks after birth.

How long does the photography session last?

A typical baby photo shoot will last 3 to 4 hours. Why so long? This allows for plenty of breaks to feed, change and soothe the little one. Babies can be unpredictable and being flexible on set comes with the job. Please don’t worry if it takes a while to settle the newborn. I am experienced handling babies and will ensure they are happy and settled before continuing with the session.

My baby developed acne. Shall I cancel the shoot?

Sometimes, between week 2 and 3 babies develop acne and that’s normal. It can be retouched and is not necessarily a reason to cancel. It’s best to contact me if you are concerned, forward to me a picture so I can give you  advice on what’s the best decision when it comes to your London baby photography.

How do I prepare my home for the photo session?

There is not much you need to worry about in terms of preparation. The pictures will be taken in your bedroom or living room so some light de-cluttering there will help. Bedside tables should be kept clear of plastic bottles and books if you would like them to appear on some of the pictures.

Keep the house nice and warm to ensure the baby will be comfortable while being changed and photographed in his or her birthday suit. A warm room will also help us have on set a baby that sleeps better.

A vase of fresh flowers can be a nice touch in some of the pictures.

If using a bottle and pacifier is part of your routine, please have them prepared as they come in handy when the baby needs a little bit of comfort during the photo shoot.

What shall we wear for the family pictures?

Keep it simple and stay away from busy patterns and logos.

For a timeless look, plain while tops are always a good choice. Select clothes you will feel comfortable in as this will help you relax more in front of the camera.

A selection of one casual and one dressier outfit is always a good mix.

Being at home means we can decide together if you’re unsure on what will work best.

Will you be bringing some props on the day?

I have a selection of props that I always take with me for my newborn baby photography in London. I have various hats, headbands, baby wraps and accessories. You are welcome to add your own if you have any. A lot of my clients have blankets knitted by grandparents, toys given as presents and so on. Anything that makes the images more personal to your family history is welcome!

Is newborn baby photography safe?

Sure, it is perfectly safe when done by an experienced professional. Baby’s head and neck need to be supported at all times during the session so early on. Your newborn’s safety is my number one priority and I will never force a particular pose if the baby doesn’t like it or is uncomfortable.


Is retouching included in the price?

All images will be retouched individually by me to ensure they look their best and are ready to print and display. That includes light skin retouching where needed (blemishes, red spots, baby acne etc), color correction, background and some composite images if necessary.

I am interested in a baby photography gift voucher. How do I order one?

I have a variety of gift vouchers perfect for newborn photography London, family portrait photography and 3 month to 1 year old baby photography in London. Just head to my gift vouchers page and see what best suits your needs.

I am interested in booking a photo session with you. How do I pay for it?

I ask for £50 deposit at the time of booking. This is to secure your day with me, the remaining part of the fee can be paid on the day by bank transfer or cash. The deposit is processed securely by Paypal. Just visit my Book a Shoot page and scroll down to your selected package.
Of course, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions.

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