Pregnancy Photography London

Maternity photo shoot in the comfort of your home in London

Everything changes from the moment the test comes back positive. A new life has begun inside you and the months ahead hold many new emotions, excitement, nervousness and hope.

Your body is changing every day and all of a sudden life takes on a whole new meaning. That first little kick saying hello. The roller coaster of emotions. From a cluster of cells at week 3 to forming their own heart at week 5. Things move quickly and 9 months is not a very long time although it may feel that way now.

Capturing this unique time of your life and your baby’s formation is becoming increasingly popular amongst expectant parents in London. When selfies on your mobile phone just won’t cut it any longer, it is time to consider a professional pregnancy photoshoot in London.

Magic Rainbow Photography use top-of-the-range photographic equipment and have a wealth of experience and expertise in maternity photos.The optimal time to photograph is between the 32nd and 37th week of pregnancy. The photoshoots are never rushed and your comfort and happiness is the top priority.

Click through our maternity photography gallery and become inspired. A range of styles are available from artistic and classy, to modern and funky. Whether with just mum and bump, or with dad and big brother or sister, we can find the style and mood to create the perfect memory to hold in time; a lasting record of a very special moment.

pregnancy photography London

Popular at the moment is a two staged photoshoot, the so called Bump to Baby photography package. The first stage being a maternity photography, showing your curves and bump. The second stage is when baby is 1-2weeks old. This enables the photographer to create some adorable newborn photographs that will stay with your family to generations.

All photoshoots are completely personalised and bespoke. Your images will be one-offs, tailored to you and your family. Marta will work to your tastes and requirements and relies on imagination and creativeness to ensure you have a wonderful experience and are completely happy with the final photographs.

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Let a Baby Photography London professional capture the fleeting moments of love, play and discovery.
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